Supplying the Nutraceutical Industry
with Quality Ingredients

Catherych Inc.™ becomes Exclusive
Distributor of Pangbo Enzymes

We are excited to announce that we are now the
exclusive North American (US and Canada) distributor  
of Pangbo Enzymes - China Nanning Pangbo Biological
Engineering Co., Ltd., a prime producer and major
international supplier of innovative and proven single
strain enzymes, enzyme blends, custom enzyme
formulations, specialty enzymes, and branded and
trademarked enzyme products that are identity and
quality verified and validated in their in-house R&D

This expands our successful ingredient business into   
the continually growing enzymes category... becoming   
a prime, vertically integrated source of highest quality
enzymes via our sourcing, processing, R&D,
manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment facilities in
China and the US.

We are pleased to offer you the full, comprehensive
selection of Pangbo enzymes - Bromelain and Papain,
plus more than 30 additional specialty enzyme


Founded in 1990, Catherych Inc.™, has successfully grown
into a well established ingredient supplier to the Natural
Products-Nutraceutical, Food, and Agricultural industries in the
United States and Canada.

Corporate Headquarters

         Catherych Inc.™, Warren, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution

4 locations:

- New Jersey (Passaic)

- New York (Plainview)

- Utah (Salt Lake City)

- California (Anaheim)
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